the dirt


little square gay man in my shop: " You should be ashamed of yourself cutting up these designer goods"

woman that didn't buy the coat from my shop she dearly wanted: " I showed it to my husband and he shouted at me. he found it horrible. alas, a coat is something you wear all the time"

(about my handmade silk pantyliners on etsy) " I am a stay-at-home-mom and this is the most ugliest item here right now. you are so gross. pukes*** "

" I saw your tights posted. how much money would i have to give to you to be able to buy these beautiful leggings? thank you so much for letting me know. slave Dennis "

U N W A N T E D S E X S T O R I E S image and stories by Riekje

I boarded a sunny bus and as usual i went to sit in the back. I saw the first village with Gothic towers passing by. At the other end of the back row was a boy. He looked straight ahead, I rummaged in my bag. A new sex shop had just opened in the city. I had talked about it with friends. Sandra did not masturbate with vegetables. The sex shop smelled like a woman’s perfume and they sold pink dildos. I bought the only black one. The one that was sitting in my bag right now. An old lady got out and then there was only me. The journey would still take a while. I picked up the batteries I got with the dildo. My pussy began to tingle, my brain creates dopamine real fast. I wondered how I could get this thing moving as quickly as possible. I tore open the package. Suddenly there was a guy next to me. I was startled. The batteries clattered over the couch. “Shall I help you ? ” I had forgot about him. How could that happen?

I stammered: “eh, ooh, yeah, I, it’s a gift.” The boy sat down next to me and leaned slowly toward me. He kissed me as he grabbed the dildo and touched my hands. He had me trapped between himself and the window. From the couch he took a battery and tried to put it into the dildo. It worked. The black thing got slowly into gear. I believe this guy also felt a little strange. “Brrrr,” said the vibrator. “Is this your first time? “, he asked, resting the device on my knee. He shoved it toward my lap, putting my skirt aside. He stuck the thing between my legs against my slip. I slumped back and moved with my wet cunt against the thing.

“I want to put it in you,” he whispered. “I want to suck your dick,” I moaned. “That is impossible,” he said, “jerking off is what we’ll do. You know what, I’ll do you and you do me, ok?” I nodded. Then I put my feet against the couch before me. I turned on the dildo and moved violently back and forth. He pulled his pants down and showed his cock.

I turned it up and put the vibrator on my clit while I watched him. When I gave it to him I grabbed his dick. He had a beautiful penis. How I masturbated! He could let me cum deliciously. I jerked him off and soon after he got off the bus.

We waved at each other. At the same time I saw the bus driver looking at me from his mirror.

She stood in front of group eight in a floral skirt and a pale gray shirt. She had tied one sleeve to her shoulder as usual. She had taken the trouble to put on a bra when it was not necessary at all. Today she rolled a condom over her arm. She had no fingers on that arm, no hand either, just a stump from the elbow. The children looked at her. “With (...)

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Once, as a present i got a set of cotton knit diapers for my baby. I tried it on her and she pooped. So i had to wash them. From the other unused diapers i made a skirt and somebody bought it. She didn't know what the original material was meant for.

I heard this designer fucked my then collegue.

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