Finally! I am preparing and making room for you to work with me on a piece of more from your wardrobe. Do you have fabric? Some great pieces you don't wear anymore, but you do not want to put them away? Or, perhaps, you want to do some textile painting?

You will learn from me some techniques but foremost we will have a good look at your things. We can add a simple intervention or do more radical things. We will treat your garment as a sculpture.

I can give color advice. Or how to wear the best shapes for your body type. I can teach some easy sewing steps. I keep myself up to date in regards of avant garde design, art and fashion trends. So you will get that point of view as well. The overall look is more important than the best techniques. Being ecological is better than having the most, the newest item.

A personal consult includes advice, practice and use of materials from my studio. Email for prices and agenda:

What i do to clothing is textile painting (and silk painting, which is more aquarelle), sewing, adding my own texts or prose, enlarging of sizes, weaving, stamping.

In the style of a modernistic art school way, the idea is what counts.

We will look at your wardrobe and do a little touch up, necessary altering and artistic approach. See what you can recycle. We do styling and most of all: get inspired!

Riekje: " I try to collect the best silks, make my own haberdashery. I use regular textile paints but we are developing our own natural pigments.

There are many ways of upcycling your wardrobe. Did you gain weight? Do you want to add more color and want to spice it up?

I will look at easy, fast alterings you can take home. Of course you can leave behind special items you want me to change in a more drastic way. See for example, the lacing (see picture above in gallery) i use to make you garment more fitting to your body size. I am not a couturier, i am a conceptional artist. "

advanced class

This is for schools only. Many design academies are focussed on fast fashion.

I will develop with the students a concept and approach to fashion now & wow! I guide students through matters that I also had to go through, a customized view.

We will be passionate, realistic, special, ecological, business minded, artistic and so much more. We do interesting side projects that will benefit a more holistic. The whole world will look at us.

I will teach what i have learned and developed through the years. We go fabric making with local materials. Also, i can give courses in screenprinting, sewing, etching, photoshopping for digital printing, etc.

**** there is a reward for the person that gets me on board as a teacher! ****

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